Saturday, April 11, 2015


What would we do without Saturdays?  I love my weekends, not because I don't like going to work.  I love my job.  But weekends for me are precious hours that I can use to catch up or get ahead.  I have  about 12 free minutes during the week (I know compared to some of you that is a lot, especially if you have any kids under 2!)  and I try to use my weekends so I can make sure I am able to spend time during the week helping with homework, listening to reading, and maybe even a conversation with my husband.  Today I spent grocery shopping, baking, prepping food, and spending some quality time with the kiddos.  I love baking and cooking with my kids!  We get some fun, happy memories and some meals too!
Today we made enough muffins and cut enough fruit for breakfasts and lunches for the week.  We also made supper for tonight, we prepped meat, cut veggies, and planned another couple of meals.  My hubs gets home first and is great at throwing food into the oven or onto the grill, but he lacks in the actually mixing things up department!  LOL!

My kids won't eat any kind of fruits or vegetables that are cooked with the exception of applesauce, so I cut up tons of fruits and veggies every week.  I stick it in containers in the fridge and they "sneak" it for snacks!  LOL #theythinkidontknow

I have been looking through my files and have decided to pull up a few of the things I have made through the year for my classroom.  First thing "How to..."  I have used this a few times through the year.

You can download a copy here.

Hope you have a great weekend!
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