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Sunday, July 19, 2015

July already?

I can't believe that July is almost over!  The backpacks have been bought, the school supply list has a huge dent, and we have been practicing our math, reading, and writing skills so the kids are ready for school in the fall.  This is my little cutie practicing her writing skills!  LOVE!
I printed my nametags for the upcoming year!  It is the only school related task I have done!  I printed enough for each child to have 2 plus a couple of blank extras.  I hate when they are all ratty and nasty on their tables!  I hope that  when I get my finished class list I will only have a couple of changes.  #thepriceofdoingthingsearly  I printed mine this year 8.5 X11 so I can use my home laminator.  It is so much thicker and durable!
I also wanted my alphabet and word wall pictures to match the ones on the Desk Help Name tags, so included those in the files as well. 

 The file has so many choices, all for less than you would pay for one pack in the teacher's store!  There are directions to run it on 11X17 or 8.5 X 11. It is also editable, so the names can be typed right on and an editable file to type word wall words or labels that match the word wall headers.   You can find them all in my TpT store!

I guess we are off to the pool again today! We are finally getting some warm weather!  #lovesummer

Hope you have a great week!