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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Desk Nametags

This summer is really flying by!  It is already the middle of July, and I am getting so excited to go back to school!
Since I have been a teacher, I have always had desk help nametags on my student's desks to mark their space.  I love them for the students that need a number line, help spelling their colors, or that might need an alphabet to help them remember which way their b or d should be written.  A few years ago, as I bought my 3rd pack of name tags for my classroom for a particularly destructive group of students, I knew that this had to be a summer project!  Since that time, I have made them to match themes of my own or for my friends!

 Each pack has so many color choices, and a selection of a traditional or modern manuscript,  all for less than you would pay for one package in the teacher's store!  Do you hate your handwriting as much as I do?  I  also made an editable version, so the names can be typed right on the file!  Click on the picture to take you to the nametags in my store!

And because I love things to match, I made my alphabet and word wall pictures to match the ones on the Desk Nametags.   

Do you have flexible seating?  Want students to be able to carry around their desk helper as they move to centers? The Pencil Box Nametags may be the ones for you!  I love that my students can take these with them to RTI, Guided Reading, or to sit on the floor and they will have the reference that they need and they will have their name on their pencil box!  No more trying to figure out who is the owner of the missing pencil box!

The best part?  Not buying pack after pack of name tags!!!   I hope your summer is fantastic!