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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You!

We are excitedly preparing for May the fourth!  Our first grade boys LOVE Star Wars, so it seemed that celebrating May the Fourth is a must!  We have several things planned!

First, I knew I needed a reason to make these!

Pool noodles and duct tape from the dollar tree!  $4 for 4 light sabers!  The pool noodles cut easily with a bread knife.  My kids and I put the duct tape on however we thought they might look.  Making 4 took me and my 2 "helpers" about 15 min.  (I could have done it on my own in 10! LOL)  

I tried my center today, I wanted a controlled way for our students to be able to use them without hitting each other, so I bought a package of black balloons as well.  I decided to write words on the balloons that went with our word study lists and hung them from the ceiling.  The students had to find the words that  matched their word pattern they were studying and when they read it they could hit it.  The rules were that they couldn't knock the balloons down, or they had to just write the words instead.  Not one balloon was knocked from the ceiling!  YAY! Tomorrow they will get another chance-  they were so excited!

I knew I also wanted a couple of math practice and a writing prompt.  I can't wait to have my students write describing their favorite character!  They will love having their friends guess who they are writing about!  I have printed each of the characters they get to choose from for the kids who might not be as familiar!

And who wouldn't want to practice math facts with Droids and Yoda!

You can download the writing and math here!      It is going to be such a fun day!

I am also pulling some things from my "In a Galaxy Far Away" unit fr my lowest students,  I wrote this for my son when he was in Kindergarten!  Kids love the reader and games!

Thanks for stopping in!