Wednesday, July 5, 2023

5 Ways to Increase Your Students Learning using Desk Help Name Tags!

Have you ever stopped to think about how a name tag can unlock learning and discovery?

My students have gained independence and learning using desk help name tags for years! With everything from numbers and letters, colors and shapes, right and left, desk help name tags offer a wealth of advantages to help students with their learning every day. Here are 5 things that I included on my name tags to increase my students’ learning.

1. Name writing and recognition
Students come into kindergarten and first grade with varying abilities of reading and writing their names.  Being able to see the proper way to form their letters can help students master writing their names.  I include my first grade students’ last names to help them spell and write it as well! 
2. Mastering letters and sounds with Alphabet Strips
With a picture alphabet strip, you can see the magic of letter-sound relationships unfold right before your students’ eyes. Students will come across illustrations representing each letter as they associate the letter with its associated sound, helping them to reinforce their phonics instruction.
3. Number Lines and Hundreds Charts
Number lines and hundreds charts are fantastic tools for making math easy and fun. These visual aids are incredible for helping students understand and solve mathematical problems. With a number line, they can learn addition and subtraction by counting forward or backward. By using a hundreds chart, they can see patterns in numbers and improve their counting skills. Overall, these tools are invaluable resources that make learning math a breeze.

4. Colors and Shapes

Color words and shapes play a role in enhancing vocabulary and communication skills. These words help my young learners recognize and differentiate between different colors and shapes. By having color and shape words readily available, students can express themselves more accurately in their writing, describe objects.

5. Left and right

Navigating left and right may appear to be a minor task, but it is a critical skill for young learners to develop. Students will  never mess up directions using the  left and right reference materials. 

Desk help name tags are helpful tools that encourage students to seek answers on their own, allowing them to become independent learners. They also provide a student with a learning space of their own that they can proudly claim.

I have included my desk help name tags in my Teacher Pay Teacher, Classful and Teach Simple stores! I have a theme or color to match every classroom! You with can set your students up for independence and success with these name tags!

Do you prefer flexible seating?  The Pencil Box Name Tags are a perfect for students on the move! The Intermediate option is perfect for grades 2-5!

                                                                                                                               Happy Teaching!

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