Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Reindeer Fun!

We are on Day 2 of our Reindeer fun in our classroom.  We introduced our reindeer pal, Rodney.  Rodney was a big hit yesterday!  This is how we introduced him!

The students thought it was hilarious that he was reading a book! We told the students that he flies to the principal at night to report about all the learning he sees!  We had journals made up and ready to go for the kids to do a little writing.  Our students were so excited to write! Even my struggling writers were motivated to write!  #win

You can download a copy of the journal here.
This pack also includes a cover for a Penguin journal.

The kids had so much fun!  They were so excited to name him and to write about him.  It is such a fun way to encourage writing! 

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