Monday, June 15, 2015

Lovin' Summer

I am beginning week 3 summer break and I am squeezing every drop of fun I can get into it!  I decided this year, instead of signing my kids up for a ton of activities, I would take the money that we would have spent and spend it as my own "Mommy camp!"  So a couple of days a week we go on little field trips in the morning.  Here are some pics from our latest adventure.  It is from a place called "Anderson Japanese Gardens."  It has walking paths, Koi ponds, and the most beautiful scenery!

I will tell you "Mommy Camp" is the best summer job ever!  

Today, my kids are spending a little time with cousins and grandparents, so I had a few hours to work on some fun school stuff.  I like to come up with a fun (cheap) way to recognize my students on their birthdays.  This year I found some packages of bubbles at the dollar store.  They come 3 in a pack, so I bought 9.  This gives me enough in case I get up to our 25 limit and a couple extras.  Here is the finished product

All you have to do is print, cut, and attach it with a small piece of clear tape.  The whole process took about about 45 min. You can print them for free {here} or you can click on the picture.  

I hope you are having a fabulous summer!  
Monday, June 1, 2015

DIY wannabe

My husband and I love DIY.  Unfortunately beyond putting together furniture from IKEA and painting walls, our talent does not match our enthusiasm,  :(  But we are learning and this past weekend we built a sandbox! We got the whole family in on the action!  Thank goodness for the Home Depot man that helped me measure and cut the boards to form the almost perfect square. and to my husband who helped me drill and assemble.  One thing we learned is that we need to move it much farther from our house!  I have swept up so much sand!!!

I also painted a dresser quick before we started the sandbox for my daughter's bedroom!  I am working on transitioning her room from "toddler" to "preteen" .  Here is the finished project.
I hope that I can keep up this momentum this summer for getting things done!